Spend four to five minutes "box breathing" to reduce stress and lower blood pressure and inflammation!

Relational Needs Assessment

Relational needs are similar to physical needs. We all need food, water, and shelter to operate at our best, but some people may need acceptance, comfort, and respect to cultivate a successful relationship. Find out more about the relational needs and learn what your top three needs are!

Relational Needs Overview
Assessment Ages 7-10
Assessment Ages 11-17
Assessment 18+
Hope is yearning for something possible that is not yet certain. We know the COVID-19 crisis, social and political tensions, plus many other stressors leave us facing turbulent times. Where do we find hope? How do we preserve and protect our emotional health? This course is designed to provide practical tools to cultivate hope, peace, and well-being. Hope is a choice you can make. This course shows you how!